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Latex Balloons & Plush Animal
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Latex Balloons & Plush Animal
Balloons can express so many wonderful wishes of happiness. Celebrate any occasion with a bright, multi-colored assortment of a half dozen latex balloons. This ''uplifting'' gift comes with a cuddly teddy bear or other plush animal.
About GiftTree:
GiftTree celebrates giving gifts. Whether it's a special personal commemoration, or an important business relationship, we understand the celebratory and symbolic nature of gifts. Creating an infrastructure to support this knowledge, we are able to create, market and distribute elegant gifts on a small or very large scale. Our speciality of combining the personalized art of gift giving with the convenience of the internet, as well as enterprise-wide gift giving capability has enabled us to serve both corporate and individual customers equally well.
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What better way to say thank you than to send a beautiful arrangement of a half dozen or dozen coordinating design balloons, in a variety of cheerful colors. Let someone know how much you appreciate all that they have done for you, with a fun gift of Themed, and Latex balloons.

Nothing says ''Happy Anniversary'' better than a bountiful Themed balloon bouquet with an anniversary theme. Let your loved one know that you still haven't forgotten that special day, and surprise him/her with this fun balloon arrangement, in a variety of colors. Pull a few more heartstrings by adding a sweet 8-10'' teddy bear!