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Deluxe Fruit Basket
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Deluxe Fruit Basket
This handsome basket is filled with fruits and gourmet food items. Fruit may include apples, grapes, and pineapple as available. Gourmet items include cheeses, crackers, sausages, candies, and similar items. Give the gift of sophistication, give a gourmet fruit basket. Exact basket and fruit/gourmet selection may vary by season and delivery location.
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Elegance and sophistication are always key in corporate gifts. This attractive gift is sure to be well received. They'll enjoy several individually selected fruit choices, such as fresh apples, grapes, bananas, mangoes, and more seasonal delights, as well as wonderful gourmet crackers, 12oz summer sausage, pretzels, nuts, teas, cookies, cheeses, and other tasty treats. Exact basket and fruit selection may vary by season and delivery location.

A glint of gold always makes a lasting impression. Customers choose this long time favorite again and again. Ingots of European chocolate, melt in your mouth truffles, seasoned crackers, Saraivanov's smoked salmon, sweet-hot stone ground mustard, spicy trail mix, chocolate chip cookies, Almond Roca, juicy citrus jellies, and traditional almond biscotti. A great way to say ''thank you'', reward a job well done or simply make someone feel extraordinarily special. Gift measures 17'' x 14'' x 6''.