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Shocking Arm Wrestling
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Shocking Arm Wrestling
If you’ve got a score to settle, then there’s no need to resort to fisticuffs. Far better to flex your muscles and settle the argument with a good old-fashioned arm wrestle! And just to make sure there’s no doubt as to who is the winner (which is only going to lead to another argument), a short sharp shock will show the weaker player up as the real loser! Simply put on the gloves, rest your elbows on the pads, lock hands and prove your strength to avoid a nasty shock. You’d better be mean or get ready to scream! Arm Wrestling is the ultimate in hand to hand combat and now it has a shocking new dimension - as soon as there’s a clear winner, the glove emits a small electric shock to the loser - ouch! Main Features Warning: Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy, heart conditions or similar or related illnessesGloves emit an electric shock to the loserArm Wrestling Rules outlined clearly on the box6 x AG13 Batteries required (included for demonstration purposes)NB: Please ensure that the muscles in your upper body are warmed sufficiently before wrestling to avoid injuryPack Contents: 2 Shocking Gloves and 2 Elbow Pads
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