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Porcelain Fairy Figurine Music Box
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Porcelain Fairy Figurine Music Box
Collectible Porcelain Fairy Figurine Music Box an Exclusive First-ever Illuminated Musical Figurine with Lena Liu Floral Art - Legend has it that gardens are places specially blessed, tended by gentle spirits who coax each flower into bloom and place each precious dewdrop to catch the morning light. Now, you can capture the loveliness and enchantment of a fairy-blessed summer garden with a collectible porcelain fairy figurine music box that showcases beloved Lena Liu floral art.Enter a magical garden of enchanting delights with a limited-edition porcelain fairy figurine music box, available exclusively from Ardleigh Elliott. The first-ever illuminated Lena Liu floral art music box plays the delightful melody of "Beautiful Dreamer." This exquisite collectible porcelain music box features an illuminated overarching blossom, more than 75 sparkling jewels, including Swarovski crystals on the base, and lavish platinum accents. Heavy demand is expected, so order now! California Residents a href='#' onClick='MM_openBrWindow("/ct/cs/cs_lead_crystal_pop.jsp","SUB","scrollbars=yes,width=300,height=250")' class='chkbody'>click here/a> for Proposition 65 notice. *** Express Shipping Available ***
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