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Nickel Plated Money Clip
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Nickel Plated Money Clip
Once you've tried the Money Grip, you won't ever go back to that bulky wallet! Forget about fumbling for your credit card when the dinner’s over, or searching your pockets for those bills you tucked away somewhere. The Money Grip holds your bills safely and securely, and gives you instant access when you need it most. In one easy-to-carry unit, it holds all your essential valuables comfortably and neatly-up to 30 bills and five cards. Unlike cloth or leather wallets, the Money Grip is built solid for a long and durable life. Our simple, contemporary-styled Money Grip and credit card holder is constructed of nickel or gold-plated stainless steel, and the all-metal construction means it won't wear out, rip or break. Lightweight at 3 oz., compact at a handy 27¼8" by 21¼2" it slips easily into your pocket, bag or briefcase, it's a great way to get (and stay) organized and uncluttered, because it's designed for practicality and everyday life.
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Men! Don't Carry Wallets! Carry your cash with class, and stop wearing a wrist watch! Our new patented Time'n Money GripTM with water-resistant Japanese watch frees you up from bulky back-pocket billfolds once and for all. It's a device so ingenious you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Ultra-compact at less than 3" x 21¼2", and weighing less than one oz., the Time 'n Money GripTM is a palm-sized unit that holds all your essential valuables in style-up to 30 bills and 5 credit cards. (Store your ID on one side so it's always available.) Made of nickel gold-plated stainless steel, the all metal construction means it won't wear, rip or break. A sturdy spring-loaded clasp promises you extra security in holding your cash and credentials. Retrieve a bill or credit card at the flip of a finger! This uniquely engineered Time 'n Money GripTM would ordinarily be valued at over $200, but you can own it at our great price.

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