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Dinosaur Plant Trio
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Dinosaur Plant Trio
This one-of-a-kind marvel by DuneCraft has lived on the Earth for over 290 million years and has the ability to "come back to life" over and over again for hundreds of years!
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What's the matter, our smaller Van deGraaf doesn't have enough "stooch" for you? Try our 400Kv, 400,000 volt Van deGraaf. You want even more of your hair to stand straight up? You want foot long sparks? Well, for you die-hard shock fans, here you go, how does 400 kV sound? Just like its little brother, it can create lightning and make hair literally stand up on end! The VG400 produces up to 400,000 volts with special neoprene belts inside a 3" diameter transparent butyrate column to carry the 10 microamp charge up to the whopping 13" polished aluminum globe! It proudly stands 35.5" tall with a very heavy metal base for rock stable operation. The foolproof brush assembly never needs adjustment to guarantee flawless operation...and lots of sparks! The VG400 runs on 110VAC, and includes a power cord, on/off switch, and a grounding terminal for discharge wands, along with a comprehensive instruction book that nicely describes all the experiments and displays you can produce.