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So Truly Real Lifelike Baby Doll
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So Truly Real Lifelike Baby Doll
Jasmine is the first So Truly Real™ African-American doll, and she's amazingly life-like - once you see her, touch her, and love her, you'll be convinced! She even comes with her own baby photo display, yours FREE!
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Precious Moments(R) Lifelike Baby Doll! Exclusive Sam Butcher-inspired First-ever So Truly Real(R) Precious Moments Doll - This beautiful baby girl is cared for and cuddled, as well she should be. When she has her favorite bunny blanket at her side, little does she know that the bunny carries a message of love that embraces the whole world even as it embraces one sweet, innocent child. Now, you too can be forever blessed in His care with this Precious Moments(R) lifelike baby doll, the first So Truly Real(R) Precious Moments lifelike baby doll ever created!Be touched to the depths of your soul with this adorable Precious Moments lifelike baby doll sculpted by European Master Doll Artist Elly Knoops, available exclusively from Ashton-Drake. Inspired by the beloved art of Precious Moments artist Sam Butcher, this collectible vinyl baby doll is amazingly lifelike, from her RealTouch(TM) vinyl skin to her hand-applied hair, sparkling eyes and delicate eyelashes. Heavy demand is expected for this Precious Moments collectible market first, and you won't want to miss one blessed moment. Order now!

This exclusive, So Truly Real collectible vinyl doll from Ashton-Drake comes with her own FREE baby book, so you can record "Abigail's Special Moments."