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Appellation Spa Gift Set
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Appellation Spa Gift Set
A collection of the finest products from Appellation Spa come together in this handy drawstring tote. Contains full sizes of the Appellation Spa Grapeseed Face and Body Wash, Mircrofine Grapeseed Scrub, and Grapeseed Moisturizer. Set also comes with a wonderfully soft white face cloth.
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FREE Shipping. 115% Price Protection. Dermud's world famous formulas contain effective levels of Dead Sea minerals and mud which visibly heal cracked and rough skin. This set includes Moisturizing Shower Cream for sensitive skin, an Intensive Nourishing Hand Cream and our scientifically developed Intensive Nourishing Body Cream. Kit Contains: Intensive Nourishing Hand Cream, 4.2oz Intensive Nourishing Body Cream, 6.8oz Moisturizing Shower Cream, 6.8oz

Cleanse and remove dry, rough skin with this gentle face and body scrub. Contains polyethylene granules with glycolic compound in a light-lathering creme base. Excellent as a preparation for self-tanning.