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Earlex Home Tanning System
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Earlex Home Tanning System
Enjoy a Beautiful Bronze Tan All Year Long
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FREE Shipping. 115% Price Protection. “All of my patients with acne conditions want the same thing – they want the blemish gone right away! But they also don’t want to deal with over-dry skin from harsh products. You will achieve both and be pleased with the immediate result with this product.” - Dr. Dennis Gross Fight acne from every angle. All-In-One Cleansing Foam, 5oz A deep cleaning, non-stripping cleanser that works on oily or combination skin and fights blemishes by going deep into pores to help dissolve bacteria, waxy plugs and blackheads before they get to the surface. A non-drying single step foaming cleanser designed for all skin types, even those with dry skin. Perfect for everyday use. All-Over Blemish Solution, 1.7oz All-Over Blemish Solution is formulated to treat flat acne versus bumpy acne. Bumpy acne is often the result of not treating flat acne sufficiently. By effectively treating flat acne, you will minimize the amount of acne that reaches the bumpy stage. Correct & Perfect Spot Treatment, .5oz Our unique drying formula draws the blockage from the pore and immediately flattens the blemish. It kills the bacteria while simultaneously calming the skin. The drying formula puts the blemish under occlusion which intensifies the effectiveness of the product and separates our result from what is currently available.

Energize and restore natural PH balance. Hydrate, soothe, refresh, nourish and tone. Spray and dab to remove any last trace of cleanser. Alcohol-free toner hydrates, soothes, refreshes, nourishes and tones. Restores natural ph balance while energizing the skin. Spritz face and décolleté throughout the day for a refreshing boost. Naturally scented with the essential oil of sage.