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Susan Ciminelli Cellulite Trilogy
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Susan Ciminelli Cellulite Trilogy
The kit includes: Algae Fine Powder; Toning Bath; Marine Lotion.
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Make every holiday picture perfect! Kit Includes: Glycolic Facial Cleanser; 4 oz Facial Scrub; 4 oz Shave Cream; 2 oz After Shave Balm; 0.5 oz Gray Microsuede Frame.

Includes: Dr. Michelle Copeland Pigment Formula; Reduces brown spots, "age spots", "sun spots" and other skin discolorations including dark circles under eyes; Dr. Michelle Copeland Revitalizing Formula; The best defense against wrinkles and the signs of aging. Erases fine lines, fades discolorations and restores firmer, smoother skin; Dr. Michelle Copeland Body Moisturizing Lotion; An all over, moisturizer for the body containing antioxidants lipoic acid and vitamins A & E.