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Susan Ciminelli Cellulite Trilogy
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Susan Ciminelli Cellulite Trilogy
The kit includes: Algae Fine Powder; Toning Bath; Marine Lotion.
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This kit is tailored to the requirements of men's skin. This cream enriched moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin calms and moisturizes the skin as it protects against free radicals. Active ingredients include Vitamin E and a special algae extract that protects the skin from free radicals and the effects of light-induced aging.

A Mask For Every Reason. Use the Blue Flame Purification Mask to decongest, clarify and purify your skin's pores with tea tree oil, lavender and lemongrass. When dotted on targeted spots, it also works to clear up blemishes overnight. Green Papaya Nutrient Mask is an aroma therapeutic exfoliator that employs beneficial citrus and herbal extracts to remove dead skin cells. And Golden Flame Hydration Mask does quadruple duty as a skin healer, soothing moisturizer, facial treatment and overnight mask.