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Tool Logic T1 Combo Tool Kit and Light
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Tool Logic T1 Combo Tool Kit and Light
Tool Kit: Fits in your shirt pocket for use anytime anywhereClips to most anythingIncludes: precision scissors, letter opener, nail file, eye ring sleeve, precision screw drivers, ball point pen, sewing needle, tweezers, tooth pick, inc
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Nothing damages your self esteem more than embarrassing nose and ear hair. Now you can remove unsightly hair in seconds with the most advanced nose hair trimming system in the world. You'll never go back to painful tweezers or that old ineffective trimmer after you see and feel the difference of our new Wet and Dry Nose Hair trimmer. International Award Winning Japanese design engineer, Michael Motokata has turned hair trimming into a precise science. Utilizing the latest technology, the Motokata trimmer doesn't just cut away unwanted hair. In one nearly simultaneous action the rotating blades cut and gently vacuum away hair particles without a trace. That means loose hairs won't be left stranded in your nose or ear. Cleanup is simple. The blades can be easily removed for fast cleanup with a brush and because it's waterproof you can rinse it hygienically by activating the blades under water. And unlike similar grooming aids, the precision blades are made of superior stainless steel instead of plastic. Durable silver ABS plastic case is sculpted to give you the perfect ergonomic grip. You'll look better and breath easier, with the confidence to get up close and personal with anyone you talk to. Clear cover keeps blades clean. Uses one AA battery (not included).