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Night-Driving Visor
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Night-Driving Visor
A high percentage of deadly accidents happen because of impaired nighttime vision. We've all been there. Every time we hit the road at night the rush of oncoming headlights become a blinding blur. The advanced optics team at the Proview Optical Group found a way to dramatically improve nighttime driving conditions. Simply attach the Night-Driving visor to your existing visor and you'll eliminate all traces of harsh glare from approaching headlights. Use during bad weather conditions and you'll see more clearly. And talk about tough. You'll get a lifetime of use from this nearly indestructible visor. That's because this unbreakable acrylic panel was built out of a high extruded mixed formula for the most extreme durability. There simply is no better way to create more optimal driving conditions for yourself than by having a sharper, brighter, more clearer view of the nighttime landscape.
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