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Wash-N-Rinse Spray Gun
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Wash-N-Rinse Spray Gun
Washing your car just got a whole lot easier!
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The Steering Wheel Table is one of those ingenious multipurpose devices that, once you own one, you wonder how you ever got along without it. Ideal in size, it fits over all steering wheels up to 15 1/2" in diameter, and folds up for easy carrying and storage. Constructed of strong and practical ABS plastic, the table holds up to 10 lbs. and is adjustable to the perfect angle for whatever you're using it for. The sturdy multipurpose driver's seat table fits on your steering wheel in seconds and adjusts to exactly the angle you need. It turns your car or light truck into a dining room, library, game room, computer desk or more. You'll have an amply-sized snack tray when you're on the go at lunch time, so you can eat a Big Mac meal without dripping ketchup on your shirt. Trying to catch up on the latest reading? It's literally a snap when the steering wheel table turns into a mini library table. Set up your laptop and finish a report or e-mail your friends, or lean a mirror against the wheel and use it for grooming or putting on makeup. (For as many uses as we can give you, you'll come up with more).

You know it’s awkward to talk and drive, it’s possibly dangerous to your health, and the “Don’t Talk, Drive” bumper stickers you see on the road put you on the defensive—but your cell phone is a powerful tool and there’s no way you want to give it up. Here’s the solution you’ve been waiting for: Our universal hands-free kit holds the Nokia, Startac or Ericcson cell phone in an adjustable phone clamp, has a cord that fits in the earphone jack; simply press the release button to adjust the cord length and fix the earpiece in place. When your call’s finished, the cord easily and automatically recoils.