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H2O 12x42 Waterproof Binoculars
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H2O 12x42 Waterproof Binoculars
Bushnell sporting optics offer a wide range of capabilities and great value. These durable binoculars and scopes are an excellent choice for the sportsman, traveler, or beginning birder.
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You shoot like a professional, so you want to look like a professional. The AG-DVC60 delivers. Its wide-angle, 16X optical lens allows dramatic zoom effects. Its top-quality audio capabilities include XLR mic/line inputs and two manual level controls. With rock-solid, shoulder-mount stability, an adjustable viewfinder, 18 shutter speeds, and exceptional image quality, the AG-DVC60 lets you take your career to new heights. The AG-DVC60 is a mobile, shoulder-mount Mini-DV camcorder in a rugged yet lightweight carbon fiber alloy body with a Midnight Black matte finish. Designed for professional use, this high-performance workhorse stands at the top of its class in image quality, sensitivity, framing flexibility, and functionality.The oversized should pad combines with a handgrip on the side of the lens to give you a firm, no-slip grip. For shooting comfort, you can slide the large, field-spec viewfinder to the right or left side as you prefer, and lock it in place. With a multi-functional lens ring that controls zoom, focus, and aperture, the AG-DVC60 has the same solid feel as a standard field camera. And it gives you clear, stable images with minimal handshake, plus the responsive action you need to start shooting on a moment's notice. A full-sized microphone is set at the top of the camera, above the lens - an ideal position for capturing the sound from in front of the camera.The AG-DVC60 is fully equipped to meet your everyday production needs. It comes standard with terminals for connecting an optional stereo gun mic and XLR-type mic/input terminals for connecting either a hand mic or line recording.Add an optional Anton Bauer adapter plate, and you can mount any of several heavy-duty Anton Bauer batteries to the camera rear for extended shooting work. Or snap an Anton Bauer Ultra Light onto the shoe built into the top of the handle, and you have all the light you need for high-level shooting jobs.You can use the color LCD monitor and viewfinder at the same time. When using the viewfinder for shooting, you can face the LCD monitor forward, where someone in front of the camera can use it as a monitor when speaking or conducting an interview.

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