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Picture-Taking Spotting Scope
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Picture-Taking Spotting Scope
Powerful Bushnell telescope lens adjusts to up to 45X magnification; built-in .35 megapixel camera with fixed 15X magnification for capturing up to 300 close-ups.
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Precision 10X20mm binoculars so compact they sit comfortably in the palm of your hand or shirt pocket. For 100's of years since binoculars were first invented designers have had to tackle one major challenge. How do you shrink the size of binoculars while retaining the ability to view from great distances? Or even more challenging, how could you do that without sacrificing a clean, bright image? It was a major challenge to be sure. Centuries ago when the innovation of binoculars was first revolutionized by military, big game hunters and early explorers the idea to go small was thought of as the ultimate goal no matter how impossible it seemed at the time. That's because when the lenses are shrunk down, light penetration becomes severely impaired leaving images fuzzy and dark. The Wide-Eyes Eagle Vision Binoculars are the Holy Grail answer to that eternal challenge. One of the world's finest German optical companies has made a major breakthrough in lens design. They shrunk the size while making sure the proper amount of light was still able to pass through. And they accomplished it by having the lenses precision crafted on the world's most technologically advanced surgical manufacturing equipment. It was the only process capable of providing the precise enough dimensions for optimal light refraction. Perfection at long last. But they didn't stop with lenses. The case was machined out of high-grade aluminum alloy for the most durable lightweight grip possible. And each pair has been painstakingly assembled by hand and put through countless quality control tests. This keen attention to detail and incredible precision makes this pair of binoculars one of the most special we have ever had the pleasure of offering. Whether you need pocket size binoculars for sporting events, concerts, site seeing or a day at the beach you'll never be disappointed by the high quality and precision performance of the WIDE-EYES EAGLE VISION BINOCULARS.

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