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See-in-the-Dark Monocular
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See-in-the-Dark Monocular
Child-size night-vision monocular uses enhanced infrared optics and a clear LCD display to allow the wear to see up to 70 feet away in total darkness.
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Samsung Cameras is bringing a new vision to the digital compact camera market with the NV Series. Consisting of three cameras, the NV7 OPS, NV10 and NV3, the NV Series was developed following a two year consumer research study to gain insight into the lifestyle and needs of consumers and their picture-taking interests. Samsung has devised attractive designs and new user interface (UI) concepts to create a premium product group. As well as offering practical technology and easy usability, the new NV Series stands for individuality and style. The NV10 comes in an 18.5mm thin black aluminium body with Samsung's unique blue ring on its extendable lens barrel, and a pop-up flash. A 10.1 mega pixels, 1/1.8 CCD, not normally used in slim cameras, is used to give better detail - and the 230K, 2.5 wide-view LCD allows you to view brighter, clearer images. The NV10 has the new Smart Touch user interface, making it possible to quickly navigate and set menu items or view pictures. The unique makeup of the Smart Touch UI on the back of the camera is expected to be great fun for users, giving them an experience unlike anything they have tried before. Samsung's unique ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction) system enables you to take better, clearer pictures indoors or in lower light conditions. With this and a great looking design NV10 is the perfect companion to take anywhere. The NV10 also supports TV quality MPEG-4 VGA (640x480) 30fps video, and a Photo Gallery function for a better picture viewing experience; it can be recharged while connected to USB, or by using the high capacity SBP-4442 battery recharge kit. A Dial mode is also offered for added convenience in controlling the camera. Accessories have also been upgraded for this premium range of cameras.

These water- and shockproof binoculars are designed to weather accidents, travel, and inclement outdoor conditions.