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If a visitor came to your door while you were out would you have any way of knowing? Now you do. Simply install the digital door cam to any door for the ultimate in security and peace of mind. Before you know it you'll be capturing digital snap shots of every visitor- wanted and unwanted. Is that a pesky salesman at the door? Did an old friend stop by while you were away? Maybe it was a delivery man. Now you'll have a photographic record of every visitor. What if your home was robbed? Fingerprints can be useful if left behind but nothing beats a candid picture of an unwanted intruder. Because the lens looks like a simple peep-hole the guest will never know a picture was taken of them. Even has auto and manual mode. Kids can snap pictures of people at the door without having to answer. Even has preview mode allowing you to view the outside on the 1.8" LCD screen. When on auto mode picture will be taken when visitor has been present for at least 8 seconds. Time, day and date stamp capable. USB port lets you download images to your computer for storage. Stores 40 VGA resolution (350,000 pixels/640x480) 24bit color images. Advanced imaging system includes auto exposure, auto white balance, edge detection and enhancement back-light compensation for different lighting conditions. Installation is simple. Includes Ulead Photo Express software. 4 AA batteries not included.
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Daval DVT-128MP3W 128MB Wrist Watch MP3 Player with Voice Recording

This is the next generation in voice recorder technology. In fact this is the next generation in SPY technology. Imagine that your simple little voice recorder is now a powerful spying tool. Of course the main recorder works just like the best of them. The big difference is that this one does 3 things you won't find on most other high-end recorders on the market. It gives you an incredible 12 full hours of recording time. It gives you FM radio. And best of all… it gives you a first ever remote microphone. And not just any old remote microphone. This is the ultimate in "evesdropping" technology. Just set the remote mic in a hidden area while your main voice recorder does the recording. Leave the room while the voice recorder does the rest. Come back later and hear every last secret without anyone knowing. It gets even better. You can even hook it up to a phone and record phone conversations. Adapter for phone tapping is included. Need to email a recorded message right away to someone important? No problem. Just plug it directly into your computer and you'll be able send a voice files within seconds. And when you're not recording important thoughts or spying you can turn it to your favorite FM radio station. Also includes rechargeable battery. It doesn't get any better than this. A voice recorder that does all this at a cost that is far less than most other basic models. Includes two audio cables, USB cable, microphone, earphones, phone jack, remote wireless microphone, software and strap.