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Flat Face Atomic Clock with Thermometer
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Flat Face Atomic Clock with Thermometer
Like the simplicity of a no-frills timekeeper? You'll find it here in a flat faced minimalist alarm clock in silver and gray tones. And because it's radio-controlled, it receives the exact time form the U.S. Atomic Clock in ColoradaThere are no fancy buttons or doodads; it's easy to read and even the most hardened anti-tech man or woman will bless its lack of complicated operation. Tap the top for the blue EL backlight to see the time; you won't have a blue "eye" staring at you all night. It's also the way to snooze for 10 minutes longer. A quick look lets you know the temperature, in a range from 0o to 150o Fahrenheit. The calendar tells you the month, date and year and time in 12/24. Runs on 2AA batteries.
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