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Ate handbag, 'Batik Sun'
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Ate handbag, 'Batik Sun'
Bright suns illuminate the symmetrical patterns in this hand-woven ate handbag. The bag's original design is by Bali's Nengah Danantara and features a batik lining in warm brown hues.
In association with National Geographic, Novica today serves as an online arts agent for more than 1,700 artists in countries around the world. Visitors to the Novica Web site can read about the artists, explore their cultures, view photographs of their work and select from more than 8,500 handcrafted works. Novica arts and technology teams (staffing Novica offices in Brazil, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru and Thailand) interview each artist, photograph their artwork, post the interviews and photographs online, and handle all packing and shipping on behalf of the artist. International couriers deliver the artwork directly to customers, eliminating numerous middlemen and transferring the savings to creator and customer alike...
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Admirer of past artistries, Peru's Renzo Dante Costa guards the secrets of the Inca behind lithe belts. Woven of wool on a traditional loom, the brightly colored motif adorns a quality leather bag. Its rigid contours assure the bag's shape while its soft center renders it practical. The bag is lined, features an internal pocket and closes with a zipper. The versatile allure of this bag lies on the length of the strap, which can be adjusted as desired to be worn as a handbag or shoulder bag.

The ancient art of the Inca color today's fashions through Renzo Dante Costa's designer bag collection. Tooled of quality leather, this shoulder bag contrasts dark brown with the colors of the sunset, which are woven of wool and trapped in a stylized diamond. Hand-sewn motifs complete the exterior design of this piece, while the lined interior features a small pocket.