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Sqweez(tm) Soft Foot Massager
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Sqweez(tm) Soft Foot Massager
Micro Beads Deliver Soft Massaging Comfort
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Promote harmony and balance Chi with our Feng Shui Good Health Box. Inside a reusable hinged box we include: Faceted Crystal-hang to attract positive Chi (energy) Bagua Shaped Mirror-place to deflect negative Chi Scented Pillow-decorated with the symbol of longevity (Chinese Endless Knot) Jade Wind Chime-the healing properties of jade and the uplifing energy of the wind chime combine to protect health Scented Candle Adorned with Healing Jade Apple and Good Health Symbol-light to infuse surroundings with positive healthy Chi Coin Sword-hang over the head of the bed to protect health or hasten recovery from sickness Chrysanthemum Bowl-the chrysanthemum represents long life and stability. Place daily vitamins or pills in the bowl. Jade Bottle Gourd Pendant-a miniature replica of the union of heaven and earth, the bottle gourd is said to contain magic positive potions Lucky Red Wish Envelope-desires for happiness, health, and longevity should be written and placed inside keeping intentions firmly in mind. A perfect gift to express get well sentiments, good luck wishes, or ''just because''. Measures approximately 9'' x 6'' x 3''.

Massage away the aches and pains