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Instill a sense of calm in your everyday surroundings for less than 14 cents a day. Simply arrange these elegant, botanical reeds inside their fragrance-filled glass bottle. A clean, aromatherapeutic essence will evaporate into the air. No need to ignite or continually replenish. Enjoy for 12 full months -- flip the reeds monthly to refresh the aromas.
From cashmere socks to silk blankets, Soft Surroundings is obsessive about providing women with softness to help ease their tensions. Here, everything that touches your skin is ranked either “so soft,” “heavenly soft,” or “ultimate softness.” Luxuriously soft clothing and bedding, state of the art beauty and relaxation products, elegant accessories for bed and bath, all conspire to restore your body and spirit.
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This elegant pedestal mirror includes distortion-free glass and a built-in fluorescent heat-free light that eliminates glare.

Graceful moldings and dovetail construction are only a few of the special features, which make this Provence Armoire an amazing find! Interior hinged panels (which allow the doors to lay flat against the sides), deep relief carvings, both outside and in, removable pediment and cabriole legs in the true French tradition make this armoire a present day heirloom. Each piece is hand waxed and has the authentic wear of a prized antique. The Provence Armoire is available as a computer center or wardrobe cabinet with adjustable shelves.