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Flameless Decor Candles (Set of 2)
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Flameless Decor Candles (Set of 2)
Create a magical mood with flickering, flameless candles
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Hawaiian Lomi Massage chairs offer true, deep-tissue massage. They are able to deliver real therapeutic massage because of the three dimensional, roller disc system used in the massaging mechanism. What this means is that the unique design of this mechanism allows it to replicate the in-out, up-down, and side-to-side movements of human massage as opposed to most chairs which only offer two-dimensional massage. This type of real therapeutic massage may help to alleviate symptoms of high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sports injuries, stress, chronic back pain, sleeplessness, diabetic neuropathy, bursitis, and more. The Kona Escape lounger was designed with the concept of creating a new style of massage recliner. You can tell by its style that the Kona Escape lounger is different. It incorporates American design ideals and is more plush than other massage recliners for the ultimate in comfort both during the massage and when the chair is turned off. You get a high style chair and all the benefits of therapeutic massage in the Kona Escape lounger. The Kona massage lounger was built from the ground up after talking with consumer focus groups and industry professionals. Hawaiian Lomi Group, Inc. found that the biggest complaint about most massage recliners was that they were 'closet chairs' and consumers were not comfortable their design. Although they really wanted a massage recliner, they were reluctant to purchase one because they didn't want it visible as a piece of furniture in their home. Hawaiian Lomi Group decided to build an aesthetically pleasing massage recliner to appeal to this majority of consumers. The Kona Lounger offers a more pleasing handsome design along with an excellent realistic massage. All Hawaiian Lomi Massage Chairs offer the latest technology in real therapeutic massage mechanisms. The Kona Escape lounger is the product of traditional Hawaiian Lomi Massage Chair technology combined with the best aesthetic design and comfort offered today. The ultra quiet mechanism delivers a deep tissue massage, with full range of motion, and three dimensional, roller-disc technology. There is no chair at this price with the comfort, style and therapeutic massaging that the Kona Series massage chairs have to offer.