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H2O Spout
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H2O Spout
Finally - purified water in the bathroom!
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If you're working at getting fit, or you're fit and want to stay that way, our Next Generation bath scale is a great partner: It's a high tech wonder that calculates your body fat at the same time it gives you your weight, has 10 memory positions and weighs anyone up to 330 lbs. Here's how it works: After you have input your age, height and sex, a barely-detectable quantity of electricity passes through your legs by means of the sensor electrodes imbedded on the scale platform. It measures the total volume of water and consequently, the quantity of your muscles and thin tissues (contrary to fat, muscles contain very little water). The difference between your weight and the quantity of thin tissues tells you the volume of body fat; when it's extrapolated to your entire body, it calculates your fat percentage. The level of the results is indicated by the curser on the screen, which gives you a comparison to the average expected. Not recommended for people with implants or pacemakers.

Warm your towels and clothes on a cold morning