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The Classic Curved Watch
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The Classic Curved Watch
This classic wristwatch has a stainless steel case and band suitable for executive meetings or casual lunches.
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Find out the time without opening your eyes! It's the middle of the night, you're halfway awake, but you don't want to open your eyes to see what time it is. Touch a button on your talking wristwatch, and a pleasant female voice will give you the time, so you can go back to sleep. What a blessing for the partially blind, or for those who need reminders to take medications or do other tasks It's a thoughtful gift for those with failing eyesight--and four alarm reminders will jog Aunt Sally's memory to call her sister or order drinking water. It also functions as a talking stop watch, when you're jogging, racing or working out. The watch case cover is magnified and the large digital numbers make it simple to read as well.

Are you ready for mosquito season? Over the next few months these blood sucking rascals will begin hatching in untold numbers as they prepare for fresh victims. But there is a defense for these miniature would-be vampires. The Mosquito Repeller Travel Alarm Clock or Wrist Watch. While they seem innocent at first sight, you’ll find them to be your best ally against these blood sucking fiends. Whether used for camping, fishing, traveling or simply staying at home they’re the best way to keep mosquitoes at bay. Scientists discovered that most mosquitoes that feed on human blood are pregnant females. Well if there is one thing a pregnant mosquito doesn’t like, it’s a male. In fact they dislike males so much that they fly as far away as possible. The Mosquito Repeller Travel Alarm Clock and the Wrist Watch were designed with advanced harmonics circuitry to emulate and emit the ultra sonic high frequency of an approaching male. Just like that the blood suckers that haunt your sleep or infest your jogging path are vanquished. Alarm clock uses two AA batteries (not included). In today’s world of disease carrying mosquitoes this could be the best way to ensure a happy and healthy summer. It certainly beats eating garlic or slathering ourselves with stinky goop.